Authentication failure

2 min readMay 5, 2020

I was hearing a speech from one of my favorite personalities this morning. He was talking about history. Most of what he said was true.

Wait. Was it really true? Or did I like it because it supported my ideology and what I believed is true.

I always had this fascination towards history. It was one of my favorite subjects in school when others considered it to be dry. I started looking up online and skimmed through some books about the topic that was spoken, and found more contradicting theories than the ones supporting his speech.

Even though my ego did not trust these theories, my thought process took a slight hit. So how did this guy prepare his speech? How did he gain this knowledge? He must have read or heard somewhere about it. How authentic was the information he read? And what all did he add to the information he consumed. Or did he assume everything after all?

Aligning this with everything we read and hear makes it even more interesting. It could be a chat you had with someone, a book you read, an idea that was conveyed or an online article. Obviously, we don’t have time to check the authenticity of everything that we skim through. But, what if we kept an open mind and made space for something contradicting. Sounds interesting. Isn’t it?

Radical thinking is the need of the hour!

(if you are questioning the authenticity of this article already, you got the message loud and clear)