Words of wisdom

2 min readMay 23, 2020

This piece is a tribute to all my wonderful mentors.

Here are some carefully chosen statements from my mentors, that struck me hard and gifted me some sleepless nights. All these words are close to my heart. Many of these were not even intentional, and might have come during a casual conversation. But the impact was quite remarkable.

“Well, you are thinking about the easiest way. I am thinking about the right way.”

“You are only as good as the people around you. You don’t need any certification for that.”

An excerpt from the first in-person meeting with my leader at that time:

Leader: Nice to meet you in person! Thank you for everything you do. What are your future plans?

Me: I am still new in this role.

Leader: You are a couple of months old in this role. There is no better time to think about it.

“I can help you this time, but what if I din’t exist. How would you do it?”

“We all have different perceptions towards a situation. I’ll leave it to you to decide how you would respond to it.”

“It looks difficult and scary to you, because it is new.”

“Sometimes, it’s good to take a pause and not do anything.”

And my most favorite one:

“Just because everyone likes something, it doesn’t mean that it can’t be any better.”

(To be continued)